If You Met A Yeti

hau5admin Game, Mobile

  A kid’s e-book app I worked on. Aside from creating the framework ground up, I also developed a system for user interaction where you could move the characters body parts while still respecting the bodies natural limits. I also developed an emotion system, outfit mapping system, audio system with music track ducking during narration and layered animations. Everything was …

Kid’s Think About It!

hau5admin Game, Mobile

  A series of e-books that I worked on porting over to Unity, I also worked on creating some interactive activities for the books. You can view all the app store links on the Red T Media website.

Camoes Radio

hau5admin Mobile, Web

  A website for a Portegues radio station with audio streaming and custom authoring/blogging framework. I also worked on the mobile apps for Android and IOS, both native mobile projects.   Live Website Mobile App

Black Jacket Jack

hau5admin Game, Mobile

  A 2D platformer I made with libGDX. I used Tiled level editor for editing and used box2D for physics. I optimized this game by using a texture atlas for all the animations and using collision masks to reduce physics calls. All of the input was made for a mobile device, consisting of taps and swipes to do various actions …

P2W Hero

hau5admin Game, Mobile, Web

  A Match Three / Bejeweled clone made in canvas and optimized for mobile devices. This was a solo project in which I worked on encapsulating my code, creating my own DOM functions (I only needed a few and jQuery seemed like overkill), creating web workers for multithreading, implementing local storage for previous games and high scores, animations that were …