Search Luso

hau5admin Web

  A Portuguese-based business directory with monetized advertising. This website was based around location based search with google maps integrated and heavy theme editing.

Wedding Blossoms

hau5admin Web

  A website designed for Wedding Blossoms, providing floral arrangements for weddings.   Live Website

Canada for Portugal

hau5admin Web

  A website made to bring awareness to those that suffered in the wildfires in Portugal. The website was created in two days and had multiple Portuguese interest groups involved in supplying content.

Dolce Chocolate Co.

hau5admin Web

  A website created for Dolce Chocolate Company. The website showcases different product lines and integrated e-commerce functionality.   Live Website

Camoes Radio

hau5admin Mobile, Web

  A website for a Portegues radio station with audio streaming and custom authoring/blogging framework. I also worked on the mobile apps for Android and IOS, both native mobile projects.   Live Website Mobile App

iNDigital Group

hau5admin Web

  A website created for iNDigital Group, a boutique marketing company.   Live Website

IAG Consulting

hau5admin Web

  I created this website for IAG Consulting. This was a complete visual overhaul of the website and content migration from Joomla to WordPress. I worked on creating some custom modules which sorted various resources the company wanted to provide online as well as integrating marketing and analytics APIs into the website. Most of the work was done in PHP, …

hau5admin Web

  My old portfolio website, version 3. Built with jQuery and Bootstrap. My first take at responsive design and mobile optimizations.

P2W Hero

hau5admin Game, Mobile, Web

  A Match Three / Bejeweled clone made in canvas and optimized for mobile devices. This was a solo project in which I worked on encapsulating my code, creating my own DOM functions (I only needed a few and jQuery seemed like overkill), creating web workers for multithreading, implementing local storage for previous games and high scores, animations that were …

Asteroid Avoidance

hau5admin Game, Web

  A simple avoidance game made in canvas using procedural generation for asteroids that increases in difficulty over time, a score mechanic based on asteroid size and the ability to clear paths by shooting.