If You Met A Yeti

hau5admin Game, Mobile

  A kid’s e-book app I worked on. Aside from creating the framework ground up, I also developed a system for user interaction where you could move the characters body parts while still respecting the bodies natural limits. I also developed an emotion system, outfit mapping system, audio system with music track ducking during narration and layered animations. Everything was …

Kid’s Think About It!

hau5admin Game, Mobile

  A series of e-books that I worked on porting over to Unity, I also worked on creating some interactive activities for the books. You can view all the app store links on the Red T Media website.

Gunjitsu VR

hau5admin Game

  This was my Capstone project for college. This is basically a rhythm based shooter in VR. We created a track editor similar to Osu’s to let anyone make tracks and a few level skins that a player can choose to play on, using any song they please. I worked on custom shaders, UI, art direction and track authoring.   …

Surround Sound Chaos

hau5admin Game

  This was a game jam game made in a group of 3. My capstone partner and I decided to use this as an opportunity to make a 2D prototype for our capstone project. The premise of the game is a 360 degree rhythm shooter and I think we translated that concept pretty well into 2D. An Xbox controller was …


hau5admin Game

  A networked zombie wave shooter made in Unity in a group of 2. The main focus of this project was to get familiarized with coding a networked game in Unity. This was achieved using Unity’s Network Management library and utilizing SyncVars and RPC calls when necessary. I worked on movement, aiming down sights, powerups, particle systems, multiple limb hit-detection …


hau5admin Game

  An Incomplete project made in Unity and my first attempt at 3D. I used this project as a testbed of sorts to learn all the different components in 3D projects. I learned how to; implement collision and physics within Unity, animations and callback functions, scene management, loading and rigging meshes, nav mesh, 3D particle systems and how to create …


hau5admin Game

  A Peggle clone I made in Monogame, the major hurdle of this project was getting static circle collisions to work properly. When the angle of incidence was greater than 90 degrees and the game still detected a collision, it would create an orbiting effect. To bypass this I coded the collision response to only execute when the angle of …

Cult of Easter Island

hau5admin Game

  A game jam project I was a part of for Global Game Jam 2016. Given our theme of “ritual”, we decided to make a sim game where you are a deity over an island and you could use faith (your resource) to influence the islanders to follow your suggestions, compelling them to perform heinous acts, such as sacrificing fellow …


hau5admin Game

  A wave based 2D space shooter I worked on in a group of 4. I worked on creating the foundation for all the base classes in the game and also created various weapons including homing missiles, helix missiles and player-guided rail turrets. I also implemented a double pass collision detection system as well as a basic enemy AI system. …

Patient X

hau5admin Art

  A top down 2D game similar to Binding of Isaac, made in a group of 7 over the course of 2 days for Global Game Jam 2015. I worked on sprite art and animations. I also worked on programming scripted cut scene which were scrapped at the very end because of time constraints.   Credits Houshikan Yokeswaran – Sprite …