hau5admin Web

  My old portfolio website, version 3. Built with jQuery and Bootstrap. My first take at responsive design and mobile optimizations.

P2W Hero

hau5admin Game, Mobile, Web

  A Match Three / Bejeweled clone made in canvas and optimized for mobile devices. This was a solo project in which I worked on encapsulating my code, creating my own DOM functions (I only needed a few and jQuery seemed like overkill), creating web workers for multithreading, implementing local storage for previous games and high scores, animations that were …

Asteroid Avoidance

hau5admin Game, Web

  A simple avoidance game made in canvas using procedural generation for asteroids that increases in difficulty over time, a score mechanic based on asteroid size and the ability to clear paths by shooting.

Space Bowling

hau5admin Game, Web

  A simple bowling game that utilizes 2D circle collisions with conservation of momentum.